Nancy Newton

Artist Statement

Sound Seed is the third exhibition of mixed media drawings and painting inspired by Dream-e-scape: a twenty-minute musical composition by Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer.

The first exhibition Sound Space (2016) explored the intriguing musical sequences guided by intentional listening. Sound Seed (2020) expands on the desire found in Sound Scape (2018) to capture the essence of the places that music takes us. In my third exhibition, the depiction of sound, its instrumentation and the emotional response of the piece are less restricted spatially. The pieces are not visually bound by a traditional horizon line of the earthly domain. In actuality, the works go beyond these limitations into the realm of dreams, which may constantly shift and expand.

“Sound Seed – Born from Music” accompanies my newest exhibition. The document attempts to give insight into my experience with the creative process. It seeks to illustrate how innate interest, experience and memory feed into the completion of a body of work. The text and examples of work aim to document the journey into this musical and visual exploration of Dream-e-scape.

Nancy Newton

Nancy Newton Sound Seed Book