Nancy Newton

Artist Statement

Over the years, inspiration for my painting has come from spending time in dramatic Canadian landscapes and visually rich environments. The use of gestural mark-making and the influence of music are prominent in my past work and weave in and out of my interpretative, contemporary landscapes. Six years ago I attended a concert at Koerner Hall, which included a twenty minute composition entitled “Dream-e-scape” by Canadian contemporary composer R. Murray Schafer. Previously I had studied and interpreted Schafer’s music and felt this composition could again provide inspiration.

The exhibition “Sound Space” in 2016 focused on my visual interpretation of acoustic space created by small sound passages. In the past two years I have been exploring how the musical essence of “Dream-e-scape” could be captured visually. My 2018 exhibition “Sound Scape” explores the additional possibilities that the music presented to me.

Central to this growing body of work have been the sounds, instrumentation and felt emotional content of Dream-e-scape. Rather than stop and start the music to concentrate on specific sounds, as I did initially, now I let the music play uninterrupted in the background. Monochromatic interpretations using India ink, metallic acrylic paint and pastel on paper inspired mixed media canvases using modeling paste, gesso, acrylic and metallic paint. As the imagery on the canvases emerged the music was turned off and the sound scapes were explored and developed one by one in silence.

Nancy Newton

Sound Scapes